Sharon Lippincott

Sharon Lippincott is the author of The Heart and Craft of Lifestory Writing and The Heart and Craft of Writing Compelling Description, along with two mini-memoirs, Adventures of a Chilehead and The Albuquerque Years. Her blog, The Heart and Craft of Life Writing, has been inspiring readers with writing tips, ideas, and insights since 2007.

After teaching memoir and creative writing workshops in Pittsburgh for fifteen years, Sharon hit the ground running when she moved to Austin in 2016. She teaches for the Austin Lifetime Learning Institute and works with the Austin Public Library System to establish self-sustaining memoir writing groups in local branches. In addition to her position on the NAMW Advisory Board, she is honored to be included on the Lifetime Arts’ peer-reviewed listing of teaching artists.

Praise for Sharon

This teleseminar is such an inspiration and so valuable to me expanding ways of thinking and creating…. makes me SPARKLE like Veuve Clicquot! – Rosalyn K.

Your obvious passion for your subject was so obvious tonight. I’m inspired and ready to go home and WRITE. – Janet W.

This class helped me take my writing to the next level. The material was clearly presented and I enjoyed the discussions with other students. Sharon’s feedback was always helpful. – Jackie M.

This class was tops. I plan to sign up for any future classes Sharon teaches. – Paul O.

I just sold one of my stories to our local paper, and the techniques I learned in your Descriptions class were a big help in polishing it. Thank you so much! – Mary M.

Very happy with Sharon’s leadership, editing, comments to help us improve. – Anne M.

This was a great group, brought into unity and harmony by an excellent study leader. –Trudy K.

I’d give this class a 5 and am looking forward to taking more of Sharon’s classes. – Chris B.

Loved the class. Can’t wait until the next. Will bring a friend! – Rana G.

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