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Founded in 2008 by Linda Joy Myers, the National Association of Memoir Writers (NAMW) is an organization focused on the needs of memoir writers from all over the world.

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Memoir is Magic: A Writing Intensive

Join us for the MAGIC OF MEMOIR 2017 INTENSIVE this fall in Corte Madera, California. Sept 22 -24.

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Your Story Matters. Be Brave. Persist.

Write Your Memoir in Six Months offers the support, encouragement, and accountability you’re looking for to write the book that’s in your heart. Brooke Warner and Linda Joy Myers are experienced memoir teachers and passionate believers in the magic of memoir. It’s magical to tell your story—to bring to life something that’s lived inside you. It’s so gratifying to offer your personal truth to others.

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Through NAMW, you can connect directly with our founder, Linda Joy Myers.  Linda Joy has been coaching and encouraging memoir writers for years, and enjoys helping members see their stories through to fruition and publication.  Her goal is to help you mine the creative process, and find that place where you drop into your true creative self and make a difference in the world. To stay focused and make real progress, you need three things:

1) Support in deciding what your story is about—themes & topics.
2) Feedback to develop your skills—story structure, scenes, dialogue, character development, tone, and voice.
3) Help with navigating writing & editing to publishing and marketing.

Book a Memoir Expert

Do you need a dynamic, memoir writing expert to engage an audience at your next event? Linda Joy Myers is available to speak at your next conference or event. The audience will learn how writing can deepen self-awareness and help them develop a new perspective on their past so they can move gracefully into their future. Audience members will take with them a feeling of empowerment, knowing they are in control of their own destiny. Linda Joy’s inspirational message of finding courage, learning forgiveness, and focused self-listening can change their lives.

There Was a Fire Here: A memoir that rose from the ashes. Featuring Risa Nye. August 3, 2017 4 pm pacific – 7 pm eastern time.

We believe in the Power of Memoir Writing! Find your voice and tell your story. Learn about the benefits NAMW has to offer.

Explorations Beyond the Traditional Memoir: Taking the Authority to Write another Person’s Story – Denis Ledoux July Member Webinar July 21, 2017 11 am pacific, 2 pm eastern

Read about Marian Beaman. Her story is of a plain Mennonite girl who ping pongs between two houses on Anchor Road in Lancaster County, PA.

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Join us for the MAGIC OF MEMOIR 2017 INTENSIVE this fall in Corte Madera, California.

Magic of Memoir 2017 is a 3-day intensive craft and writing program open to 30 serious memoir students. There is an application to get in (click here for more details) and has been designed to help memoirists deepen their craft and skills.

Taught by Linda Joy Myers and Brooke Warner, who collectively bring more than 30 years of experience to the craft of memoir, this intensive promises to be a deep and inspiring weekend full of craft, writing, and celebrating this multi-layered genre with other like-minded students.

Learn more here.

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Writing Another Person

Author: Denis Ledoux Writing another person’s memoir can be called writing biography rather than memoir. You are, after all, not the subject. But, are there occasions when a biography can...

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